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Description of Bats
The bat is described as a mouselike nocturnal flying mammal of the family Chiroptera. The word Chiroptera, means "hand wing". It is a mouse-like animal with forelimbs modified to form wings. They navigate and hunt prey by echolocation. Bats are the only mammals that can truly fly.

Facts about the Size of Bats
The smallest microbat, the Pipistrellus nanus of Central Africa, is only 4 cm (1.5 in) long and has a wingspan of only 12.5 cm (about 5 in). The biggest of the bats is called the Pteropus vampyrus, comes from Java and achieves a wingspan of 1.4 m (nearly 5 ft) and a body length of 42 cm (16.7 in)!

Facts about Echlocation
All bats can see, however bats have developed the use of echolocation to find food when navigating and hunting for food at night. Bats make high-frequency sounds, and the echoes of these sounds bounce back which enables a bat to make a mental map. Using this mental map they are able to avoid the smallest of obstacles whilst locating their prey. In just a split second Echlocation enables bats to determine the size of objects, their location, how fast they are travelling and even their texture!

Species of Bats
There are almost 1,000 species of Bats! These many species are divided into two sub-orders:

  • Megachiroptera (Large Bat or magabats)
  • Microchiroptera (Small Bat or microbats)

Facts about where Bats live and what they eat!
Bats are native to all continents except the Artic
The common habitat are caves, trees, and buildings.
The diet of Bats varies according to the species. Types of food consumed by bats include insects, small mammals, birds, fish and the famous and the blood-eating vampire bats of South America!

Basic Facts about Bats
The name of a male is referred to as simply a male
The name of a female is referred to as simply a female
The name or offspring, or a baby bat, is a pup
The average size of a litter is just one
The collective name for a group of Bats is a colony

Bats and Vampires!

In South America there are blood eating bats, called vampire bats! Hence the connection between bats and vampires!

Cool and Fun Facts about the life, behavior and personality of Bats

  • During the day bats rest in a variety of roosting places
  • Some of the large megabats hang upside down from tree branches in enormous numbers
  • The vampire bats of South America are named the Desmodus, Diphylla, and Diaemus
  • Vampire Bats feed entirely on blood which is freshly drawn from small wounds inflicted on prey such as fowl, cattle, horses, swine
  • The bites of vampire bats have started outbreaks of rabies
  • Vampire Bats occasionally feed on the blood of human beings!

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