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Interesting Facts about Arts and Literature
If you are searching for interesting and concise facts about famous people, books and Paintings from the world of Arts and Literature then search no more! We have sections on facts about many famous creative figures from Arts and Literature!

Find out the facts about the people and their work! Brief and concise facts which will answer all of your questions and provide facts about the enchanting World of Arts and Literature! Fast and Fun Facts about Arts and Literature!

Amy Lowell

D H Lawrence

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

John Keats

Julia Ward Howe

Louisa May Alcott

Robert Graves

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

T S Eliot

Langston Hughes

Charles Dickens

Edgar Allan Poe

James Joyce

John Milton

Lewis Carroll

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Robert Lee Frost

Thomas Gray

William Blake

Christopher Marlowe

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

John Donne

Joyce Kilmer

Lord Byron

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rudyard Kipling

Thomas Hardy

William Shakespeare

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