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If you are searching for interesting and concise facts about World History, Timelines, Events and American Presidents then search no more! We have sections on facts about all the major events in the History of the World and the American Presidents who played their part in them! Find out the facts about World History, the wars, the battles, royalty, the leaders and eventful dates ! Facts about the Leaders of the World are strongly featured.

Fast and concise facts which will answer all of your questions and provide facts and Timelines about World History, Events and American Presidents!

Fast and Fun Facts about the American Presidents of the World! Click one of the following links for interesting and essential facts about American Presidents and World History!

President George Washington

President John Adams

President Thomas Jefferson

President James Madison

President James Monroe

President John Quincy Adams

President Andrew Jackson

President Martin Van Buren

President William Harrison

President John Tyler

President James Knox Polk

President Zachary Taylor

President Millard Fillmore

President Franklin Pierce

President James Buchanan

President Abraham Lincoln

President Andrew Johnson

President Ulysses Simpson Grant

President Rutherford Hayes

President James Garfield

President Chester Alan Arthur

President Grover Cleveland

President Benjamin Harrison

President William McKinley

President Theodore Roosevelt

President William Taft

President Woodrow Wilson

President Warren Harding

President Calvin Coolidge

President Herbert Hoover

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Harry S. Truman

President Dwight D Eisenhower

President John F Kennedy

President Lyndon Johnson

President Richard Nixon

President Gerald Ford

President Jimmy Carter

President Ronald Reagan

President George H Bush

President Bill Clinton

President George W. Bush

President Barack Obama

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